Rescheduling Wedding Date Due to COVID-19

We know this is the last thing you thought you’d have to deal with when planning your wedding. I mean, maybe some bad weather but a pandemic? Seriously 2020? Not cool, man.

If your wedding is in the “flatten the curve” window (March-May) while the CDC is suggesting that we all stay at home and away from large groups, you have a couple options. It looks like that big grand wedding you planned isn’t going to happen exactly how you thought, but let’s move forward with hope.

Know that I’m here for you and I want to help in any way I can. Right now you’re looking at social distancing and sheltering in your home for a couple weeks at least. And that “no gatherings later than 10 people” rule is really taking out your wedding plans. We don’t want you to be making decisions about your wedding day out of fear, but from being informed in what might be best. And that’s what I hope to bring to you in this article. Now it’s time to reschedule and here is where to start.

Reach out to your guests

First thing, reach out to your guests. Odds are they will put two and two together and realize that you aren’t having your wedding on the day it was originally scheduled, but it’s good to communicate that with them.

I saw from a calligrapher friend, that one way to do this is to send out a virtual “Change the Date” announcement. She’s made some pretty great designs that she’s giving out for free use. Olive + Cedar Designs if you want to check them out.

Look over contracts

Contact your coordinator if you have one and they can assess if you will be out any money, and what your vendors’ policies are. You’re probably feeling stressed out right now. That’s ok, and know that so are your vendors. Most of the event industry is at a halt right now. But even with that stress on your vendors, a lot are still wanting all the best for you.

If you do not have a coordinator, gather your contracts and check them to see what policies there are for reschedulings and cancellations. Most vendors will want to work with you to reschedule your event any way they can. Many vendors require a non-refundable retainer to reserve your wedding date, and in many contracts you’d be out that money if you cancelled.

Reschedule Don’t Cancel

You may be feeling like it would just be easier to cancel everything and start planning again once all the virus stuff is over. That might be easier, but like I said about the contracts, you might be out a good bit of money doing it that way.

The best thing to do is to reschedule. Either for later this year or sometime next year. This all depends on the season of the year you want to get married in, and if want to pick a date ASAP.

Contact Vendors

As your vendors, we want to help reduce your stress and make rescheduling your wedding as easy as it can be. The first vendor you want to reach out to is your venue. Talk to them about what season of the year you want to reschedule to, and see what available dates they have.

Then reach out to your vendors who can probably only do one wedding a day. Your photographer, videographer, and coordinator if they don’t have a team for multiple weddings. Send them the possible new dates and see which one works for everyone. If they all work, then perfect. Choose what you’d like. If only one works for everyone, then it’s chosen for you.

Think about an Elopement of Intimate Wedding

I know that dates are special, and your wedding date may hold a deeper meaning to you than just a Saturday in April. If you still want to get married on your original date, you can think about having an intimate wedding with fewer than 10 people (including officiant and photographer) or even an elopement somewhere stunning. Here is an article I wrote about some elopement locations on any budget.

What if some of your vendors are not available

It’ll be okay, it’s likely to happen that at least one of your vendors might be booked on your new date. Don’t worry, the main thing is that you and your finacĂ© will be getting married! Yayya! Right now, there are so many vendors who will help during this time.

If you are getting married in the Bryan/College Station, Texas area or nearby, here is a list of vendors that I’ve personally worked with and I highly suggestion checking with them. They are amazing and they will treat you so well.

Take a break

Lastly, take an evening and have a date night. Whether that looks like ordering your favorite take out, watching a movie and sitting outside under the stars. Or if you can go out to restaurants again, spending an evening out just the two of you. No wedding talk, no planning. Just being together in the moment.

Invest in what matters

If this Coronavirus has shown us anything, it’s that we never what tomorrow will look like. Things can change in an instant, and what’s really important are those people we are FaceTiming every day. The friends and family we miss and we long to be with in person again as soon as this is all over, they are important.

We believe that those relationships are important. Make sure, now more than ever, that you have an amazing photographer at your wedding to capture those relationships, those moments with family and friends.

If your photographer is booked for your rescheduled wedding date, or if you’d like to talk to us about being your wedding photographer please contact us. You deserve the best, and we want to give you our very best.

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