Downtown Houston Rooftop Engagement

Downtown Houston Rooftop Engagement Photos

There are a lot of location options in the Houston Texas area for engagement photos. Is a downtown rooftop session right for you? Let’s see.

A downtown Houston engagement photoshoot can give you many different options for photo locations. One of those being a rooftop. There are a few rooftops that are open to photograph on, most of them are parking garages which you’ll just need to pay for a parking spot to be able to use.

Most couples choose a open field or a park with lots of trees. While that can be fun, it’s definitely overdone. A rooftop engagement brings a whole new style to your photoshoot. You can go all romantic with a windblown dress or you can bring a pizza with you and sit up there with all the high-rises surrounding you. Sidenote, I’m always down for incorporating food into engagements.

When should you schedule your rooftop session? Morning or evening is best to get that soft golden light. Morning is usually less crowded so you may even have the entire roof to yourselves. I’d definitely suggest straying away from that mid-day sun. It’s hot, and the angle of the sunlight can make for some darker eye sockets, which no one likes. So best to aim for sunrise to 2 hours after, or 1.5 hours before sunset all the way through twilight.

Whether you chose to have a rooftop engagement, or go with a more traditional route, the best thing to remember is to have fun and be yourself. When you can relax and have fun together, you’ll look like yourselves and you’ll really enjoy the photos afterward.

Looking for an engagement photographer? I’d love to get to know you a bit and help you find the most amazing location that matches your personalities and style.

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    Beautiful pictures!😁Please what’s the address of this place?

  2. Samantha says:

    Hi John! Obsessed with these photos and this location! Would you mind sharing the address?

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